Learn to highlight cells having a number greater than the specified value

At times you would need to analyze a set of numbers and find values that are greater than a given value (or a threshold), There is a simple procedure for doing the same.

Consider the sample given below, it’s the data of fruits sold over a period of 12 days.

Now lets highlight the values that are greater than 50


Select all the cells that you want to consider as shown below

Select Conditional Formatting > Highlight Cell Rules > Greater Than

Specify the Threshold value as shown below

Select the colour combination that you want the result to be highlighted in and click on OK

You would get the result as shown below which clearly shows the dates on which the sale has crossed 50

The above analysis reveals many things ( Lets cnsider 50 and above as profit)

1) First day Profit was made only in Banana

2) Day 11 was the most profitable day with profits coming from 4 fruits

3) Banana is the only fruit that has consistantly made profit .

4) Apple has not crossed profit mark on any of the day