Learn to use Sparklines in Excel 2010

A Sparkline is a small chart inside the cell of a worksheet used to provide an approximate visual representation of the data .

Sparklines are an easy way to do a quick analysis when you have huge data .

It is also very useful during presentations to show a trend of the captured data.

Below is an example of creating siple spark lines .

Consider the table below that has the number of fruits sold each day in a span of 10 days.

Lets say that you want to see the trend of the sale .

Lets get sparkline for mango first ,

Select the complete data that corresponds to mango as shown below .

Click on Insert > Sparklines > Line

You will get a pop up window to confirm your selection and to select the cell in which the sparkline should be drawn (in this case we have selected N4)

Click on OK 

You will get sparkline correcponding to the sale of mango as shown below .

Now in order to get similar lines for other fruits Click on the corner f the cell and drag the cursor down .

From the above Sparklines it is clear that the sale of apple is more consistant when compared to other fruits.