Learn to Hide Partitions in MyComputer

At times you would want to hide a perticular drive (partition) in your Harddisk , in order to keep the data safe from preying eyes .

Here is a simple trick to hide the drive partition of your choice .

Lets say you have 5 patitons in your harddrive as shown below .

Now lets hide drive partition D

Step 1 : Open Regedit

Step 2 : Navigate to the following path


Step 3 : Create a Binary value "NoDrives"

Step 4 : Double click on the binary value and type the binary entry from the below list ,corresponding to the drive that you want to hide (In this case drive D)

Step 5 : Click on OK and close the Registry editor and restart your sustem .

After restart you will notice that drive D is no longer visible in MyComputer as shown below .

However you can access drive D by simply typing d: in run as shown below