Google kicks off "100000 stars" Chrome Experiment

Google launched a new experiment called "100000 Stars" that gives you a closer glimpse of the stars that are near to Earth. Some are seeing it as just a way to kill time but others are of the opinion that this could pave way for a more serious study on stars and also a way to get our kids interested in astronomy.

In today’s world it has become almost impossible to do stargazing, due to pollution and the blinding lights in cities.

This comes as a boon to parents and educators to teach kids about various stellar objects without waiting for the perfect clear sky or having a very powerful costly telescope.

We tried it and were blow away by the detail and the amount of information that is in there .

However you would need the latest browsers installed on your Windows, Mac, or Linux computer like Google Chrome or another WebGL-Compatible browser , And a good graphics card in the system .

Click on the link below to start an amazing journey happy stargazing (Virtual I Mean)