Learn to enable GOD MODE in Windows 8

If you are an avid gamer you will know that most earlier games (Some even now) have something called as "God Mode" where you get the power to use all the options like full ammo (shooting games) or full fuel (racing games) .Enabling "GodMode" in windows 8 gives you links to all of the control panel and configuration settings.Here is a trick that is so simple and yet has cool effect to it .



Step 1 : Create a new folder on your desktop .

Step 2 : Right click and select Rename

Step 3 : Rename it as


Step 4 : The folder icon will get changed as below

Step 5 : Double cick on the icon and enjoy access to all control panel and configuration settings under a single window.

Step 6 : You can set the icon view to smaller or larger size as per your requirement .